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Covid-19 Policy

1. Coronavirus prevention and control policy

1. Coronavirus prevention and control policy

There will be some changes in how your appointment will proceed in order to keep you and your therapist safe and continue to prevent the spread of infection. 

Your therapist reserves the right to refuse treatment if these policies are not adhered to.


Booking Appointments

  • If you or your household are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your appointment.   You will not be charged for cancelling for this reason.  There will be a Covid-19 declaration form to sign off before each appointment.

  • Your consultation may take place via telephone prior to your appointment.

Attending Appointments

Your responsibilities:

  • Please have a facemask / covering to wear from when your therapist arrives at your property; this needs to be kept on throughout your treatment and until your therapist leaves. You are welcome to take this face covering off when lying face down.

  • Please ensure that anyone else within your household stays out of the treatment area and adheres to social distancing.

  • Please supply all towels/blankets needed for the treatment.  Think about your comfort when selecting the sizes! One large blanket/sheet to cover the massage table (your therapist will lay disposable couch roll over this) one/two large towels/bath sheets to cover your body and keep you warm and one small hand towel for resting your face on. If you like to keep cosy, have another blanket handy to lay on top of everything. Please have these towels ready in the treatment area.

  • Please make sure the treatment area is well ventilated where possible (open windows, doors).

  • Please wash your hands before and after your treatment.

Our responsibilities:

  • Your therapist will arrive wearing a facemask and be wearing PPE for your treatment.  This may include apron, visor, gloves and shoe coverings.

  • Your therapist will ensure that their hands and arms are sanitised regularly and washed thoroughly before and after the treatment.

  • Your therapist will bring their own soap and hand towel for their use while at your property.

  • Your therapist will ensure that all equipment is cleaned properly.

  • We will pass on your contact details to NHS Test and Trace service if we are contacted.


Preferred method of payment via bank transfer.

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