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 in the work place 


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Benefits to organisation 

  • improve productivity and creativity​

  • happier workplace

  • improve staff morale and job satisfaction

  • reduces absence related to poor health

Benefits to your people

  • releases tension in back, neck and shoulders

  • increases circulation and energy levels and promotes overall health

  • helps prevention of repetitive strain injuries 

  • alleviates symptoms of stress such as headache, eyestrain and insomnia

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Massage in the work place can demonstrate a progressive approach to the well being of employees, showing staff you care. It is a hands on way of energising your team by helping alleviate symptoms of stress and adverse effects of posture for desk based work. Massage can also be used as a staff morale boost at times of extra work load, as a reward for meeting deadlines or a Christmas bonus.

On-site massage is an adapted form of massage that uses an ergonomically designed chair in order for individuals to rest comfortably.  The primary areas of massage will be the neck and shoulder region, as well as the mid and lower back.  There is no removal of clothing, no messy oils and can be enjoyed in a little as 15 minutes. 

This is an incredibly versatile treatment and is able to fit into your office capabilities, schedule and budget.

Some businesses pay for the treatments, some subsidise the cost to their employees and some simply allow me the space and their employees the time to have a treatment. Please contact to discuss your specific requirements.

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